The Product Replacement form can be used for the following:
Missing stone
Damaged item
Incorrect size
Any damage that can be depicted in a photo
Please continue to submit tickets for the following:
Shipping errors
Empty Bombs
Issues or problems that can ONLY be depicted in a video
In an effort to decrease ticket response times, we will begin using the Product Replacement Form to process replacements for the most reported damage/defects. The Product Replacement Form can be accessed at This form link can also be found in the Media Library of your Back Office, and your support portal.
If you have an open ticket regarding a replacement that would fall under one of these scenarios, please submit your issue again using the form. You will have a section on the form to add your ticket number, allowing us to close your ticket and complete your replacement request through the form.
The form will only allow images to be uploaded up to 5000KB in size. Make sure your images are below this threshold so we may process your request promptly. (Issues documented in video may only be submitted through our ticketing system.)
Once your form has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. Please review your submission to validate all the information provided. If you have entered something incorrectly, please submit a ticket so we can delete the incorrect form before your replacement is processed.
If our Customer Service team needs additional information to process your request, we will reach out to you through a ticket; if not, your replacement will be processed, and you will receive an email with tracking information.
Thank you for supporting Bomb Party. We look forward to helping you out!