1. Only available to hostess's who have worked with their BP Party Rep to bring new BP customers to a private party (online or live).

2. A private party is one that is organized specifically for a hostess and is open only to the guest he/she is helping to invite – and not to the general public. (Example- closed Facebook group)

3. The REP must close the party and submit this form as required to the BP corporate office. Rewards earned will be sent directly from BP corporate to the hostess. Your hostess will NOT receive any rewards and your form will be rejected if the party is not CLOSED

4. Each host/hostess is allowed to receive rewards for only one party per calendar month.

5. After the form is submitted and reviewed by BP corporate, the hostess will receive an invoice to pay for shipping ($5.00) and any half-price product noted on the form. The invoice will go directly to the hostess, NOT the rep. 

6.  Purchases made by Hostess will count towards their rewards.

7. Purchases made by BP Rep will NOT count towards hostess rewards.

8. An active BP Rep may not be a hostess.